Matte Pink MTG Deck Guard Protector Card Sleeves BCW (50)

Matte Pink MTG Deck Guard Protector Card Sleeves BCW (50)
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  • Item #: dgm-pnk
  • Manufacturer: BCW
Acid free, archival safe. No PVC- Designed to fit 2?" x 3?" game cards- Clear, non-glare, matte front- matte back- Exterior Dimensions: 66mm x 91mm- 50 sleeves per pack---- Deck Guards are firm enough to protect your cards' corners while the matte finish makes them shuffleable and easy to handle. Clear matte front helps make your cards legible from across the table. Strong seams and sturdy material means you won't bow out before you're done. These card sleeves will turn heads as you crank up your game and tack another victory on your scorecard. Give your other sleeves the boot and tap into your unspent power in BCW's Double Matte Deck Guards. Size: 66mm x 91mm- Prevents corners from bending- Clear Finish- Better shuffling- Longer playability- BRAINS ART SLEEVES. MADE BY MAX PROTECTION. GREAT QUALITY AT A GREAT PRICE Max Protection Game Sleeves are an acid free, archival quality product that is designed to protect, store and display your valuable collectible gaming cards like; Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and others. Use these protective sleeves for all your gaming needs. - Strong welds help prevent split sleeves - Precision cut for consistent sizing. - Sized for standard sized gaming cards - Use these sleeves to conceal and protect your gaming cards - Size 2 9/16 x 3 5/8
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